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I didn’t even watch the finale (let alone more than 20 mins of 1B), but from the things I’ve heard, I’m glad I didn’t.

There it is…

Twisted who?!

Jo has always been the one…

Jo about to get it in with her brother…

Twisted Ratings…

Twisted being renewed for season 2

Rest in Peace Twisted…

That’s for messing over Lacey’s character and effn up the show…



i was one of those Janny fans but im actually really pissed off at the writers. since the first season he was all over lacey which annoyed me but there was nothing i could do about it. but now all of a sudden since lacey said that jo and danny should be together, danny is like omg im in love with jo. he didn’t get sad over lacey or anything he just moved on which makes lacey seem like an irrelevant character.

There it is ladies and gentlemen….

AYEEE twisted cancellation party going on right now. Fall in everybody! The shade is on the house tonight!



Getting ready for bullshit

Kay - what feelings for Jo. 

This writing makes no sense. Now you suddenly like JO. You thought that all you’d ever be was friends um is this before or after you curbed her for Lacey at Fallfest or while you made out with Lacey in the cemetary or when you referred to her as your sister.

Jo is the one : 

Jo is the one:

Jo is the one:

Jo was always the one :

This is some bullshit , you writers:

mmfd episode links


ok so i got a few people asking me where to watch mmfd so here you go

season 1

season 2

the links are all sockshare, dailymotion, or firedrive

enjoy :)